Dorking Wanderers #3

I decided to turn the first transfer window off to get the most realism in the game from the start. With no one coming in we’ll have to do with what we’ve got until September at least. As you can see that can proves to be tougher than expected in the defensive part of the team.

The analyst reports show some interesting findings that pinpoint some of the strengths in the squad. We’re above average in all these categories and have the highest work rate in the league. We have to try and use that to our advantage when setting up our tactics. This opens up for us to play a type of football few other teams in the league can do. It also turns out that we are one of the teams with the lowest pace in the league, so that is one thing that needs to be improved during the season.

Some interesting findings at our defenders. We only have a centre back who is good enough to take a starting place and that we have the slowest defenders in the league is a cause for concern, so this is a place that, without a doubt, must be strengthened as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are not many matches to be played before anyone can enter. The plan has been to play with three at the back, but those plans are postponed until we have better coverage and better players in the squad. With one good centre back in the squad, only an idiot would start with three at the back.


Bobby-Joe Taylor
Joined this summer from Ebbsfleet and can play at all positions down the left-hand side. He brings good set pieces, and we expect goal contributions from him. He will also be our penalty taker. Got his biggest strengths in the attacking play, and I’m not yet sure if he’ll play mainly as a winger or a fullback. Possibly the best player in the team, and he could play at a higher level.

Josh Taylor
Another new signing and new Taylor to the team. Some will say our midfield now is Taylor-made. Will run the midfield and go straight in as a crucial player and playmaker. He’s got fantastic attributes at this level and could most definitely play at a higher level.

Jason Prior

The first player the club ever paid money for. A form of a lower league legend that scored many goals for Bognor Regis and Havant & Waterlooville before joining Dorking. Going into his 4th season and is closing in on the club record for most league goals already. He will be the main man upfront, and I expect him to score goals for us. Prior is a class player at this level and hopefully capable of playing one a higher level.

Tactics and DNA

My ambition is to play possession-based football. I have a vision that we play the game, not kick and run the game. Heavily influenced by manager legends Sir Alex Ferguson and Nils Arne Eggen, I want my team to constantly attack and go for it.
However, we can’t do that at any cost, and with the player material, we have the tactics needed to fit the players.
The initial plan was to play with three at the back, but with only one natural centre back that’s good enough in the squad, proving harder than expected. Fuller and Taylor could be decent wide centre backs, but retraining them will take some time. Of course, we can’t play without wingers either when we have four or five of them in the squad.

So I just had to split it in two, the formation and style I want us to play and the formation we have to start with. So, to begin with, I will implement a variation of 4-4-2 styled formation and hopefully make the best of all the good wingers and strikers in the squad.

I must admit I’m nervous about the tactics and the lack of defenders, and I’m not sure how good an idea it was not to do any transfers this summer. So, for the time being, I’ll have to make the best of what I have.


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