The Dorking Way #3 – Youth Intake 2023

As you can see below the my first youth intake was far better than I could’ve expected and simply exceptional. With five elite talents and three top talents the future looks bright. While there are several players with high potential here, the one that stands out and everyone are talking about is Alex Chudy.

The young attacking midfielder shows real potential, and is already close to the first team. He’s already our best penalty taker, got good technique and what I like most of all is his determination and off the ball attribute. Without a doubt a player who’s mature above his age, and I won’t be surprised if he goes straight into the first team during pre-season.
Born in Bicester he’s not a local lad, however it’s fantastic that we now attract talent of that quality and have a broader reach.
Level headed and fairly professional will take Chudy a long way at this level – I’m really excited to see what the future holds for this young boy.

Another one that I like the look of is Siguroli Gunnthorson(?). I don’t know the right pronunciation of those Icelandic letters, so from now on I’m simply calling him Siguroli. It’s a great name, and superstars often have great names, don’t they?
Siguroli is a different attacking midfielder to Chudy, with better technique, flair,,,, and his best attribute is actually bravery. Combined with his high work rate tt will be,interestihewatch him play.

Eligible to play for both Iceland and England,,,, we may have a good chancan excellentellentellentellentet our first youth international in Siguroli.

Both of them are interesting talents and good prospects for the first team both short tertion for James McShane in the first team today, and I hope these two can develop into worthy replacements for the icon.

You can see the other three lads labelled as the the the the the the So are set for the attacking midfield position for a while; if I was to complain about something about this youth it’s the lack of coverage in positions for the best talents. However, we have decent prospects in three key positions; Striker, centre-back and central midfield.

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